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Grant Assistance 

Markstone Group specializes in grant assistance services, leveraging our deep expertise in government relations and extensive experience in grant writing to help your business access government grants. Our team understands the complexities of grant processes and criteria, providing tailored guidance to align your business objectives with available funding opportunities. We optimize your proposals and enhance your engagement strategies with government bodies, positioning your business to successfully secure grants that drive growth and innovation. Partner with Markstone Group to transform your potential into success.

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R&D Tax Incentive Program 

Markstone Group’s R&D Tax Incentive Program service offers expert assistance in crafting R&D tax incentive applications that meet government requirements, simplifying the process for your business. Our team’s deep understanding of government relations and program specifics ensures your application is compliant and positioned for success. By partnering with us, we take the hard work off your shoulders, guiding you smoothly through the application process and helping you secure the government funding you need to propel your innovations forward.

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Grant Strategic Planning

Markstone Group's Grant Strategy Planning service is crafted to ensure your business is always grant-ready, enabling you to act swiftly as soon as funding opportunities arise. Our expert consultants tailor strategies that align with specific grant criteria, enhancing the effectiveness of your applications. By keeping you informed of the latest grant opportunities and meticulously preparing your business to meet exacting grant requirements, we help you maximize your potential for securing essential funding. Partner with us to navigate the complex grant landscape efficiently, ensuring your business is well-prepared and positioned to capitalize on opportunities for growth and innovation the moment they become available.

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Government Relations 

Our Government Relations service is designed to expertly navigate government processes to foster your business growth and strategic plans. We focus on crafting targeted communications that are pivotal in securing long-term business success. By liaising effectively with government bodies, we ensure that your business needs are clearly communicated and well-represented, facilitating smoother interactions and more favorable outcomes. Partner with us to enhance your engagements with government entities and strengthen your position for sustained success.

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Network Facilitation 

At Markstone Group, we excel in leveraging our extensive expertise in government relations and our broad connections within government circles to enhance your networking opportunities. Our Network Facilitation Services are specifically designed to connect you with key policymakers and industry peers through expertly curated events such as roundtable discussions and group networking events. These gatherings serve as powerful platforms for discussing strategic topics, exchanging ideas, and fostering collaborations that can lead to influential relationships and tangible outcomes. Whether you aim to gain insights, share expertise, or forge new partnerships, our services provide you with the access and environment needed to engage effectively and advance alongside top industry leaders and innovators.

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