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Seriously savvy about business innovation


We are management consultants who apply proven strategy, design and creative thinking techniques with understanding of government to help organisations gain competitive edge and make new markets through rapid innovation.

We have helped shape some of the most successful and iconic projects undertaken in Victoria and we have assisted businesses to maximise the benefit of their ingenuity and go successfully to market with new product and service offerings. 

Our clients include international enterprises, ASX listed companies, emerging technology firms, local government and not-for-profit organisations. No matter what kind of enterprise or business concept, we thrive on business challenge in the modern economy and gaining commercial outcomes for our clients is the bottom line.

We operate from our innovation lab and think space at the Paris end of Collins Street, Melbourne - right in the central hub of the CBD’s government and corporate district.




Innovation: What we do

What we do and how we do it

We use sound, globally proven methods to help organisations rapidly develop innovative ideas, projects, products and services; make new markets for their innovation and achieve timely commercialisation. We can do this in three ways:



We can help you be more innovative

Our consultants use proven methods to assist executive teams, boards, organisations and individuals to become more innovative. We do this through assessment, training, consulting and utilising expertise in several creative, design and lateral thinking disciplines.


We can help you rapidly invent new ideas

Whether its incremental, breakthrough or disruptive innovation we design and facilitate processes to help solve the business challenge and produce breakthrough solutions. We do this through astute application of our expertise in Design Thinking, x10 Thinking, Six Thinking Hats and Zing.


We can help bring your innovation to market

To help make a new market for your innovation we can develop strategic plans and help you consider steps, audiences and alliances that will give you competitive advantage through timely action. These steps may include financing, government relations, overseas partnering, branding and marketing options.

Our Innovation Steps



An Innovation Audit provides an assessment of current innovation practices and processes inside your organisation so you will know what’s working and what needs to be improved. Critical quantitative and qualitative factors are examined to give a detailed view of your organisation’s current capabilities, processes, strengths, and weaknesses.




We provide training programs, seminars and workshops to boost your organisation’s awareness and implementation of cutting edge innovation effectiveness.


  • Understand the principles of innovation and how to apply them immediately.

  • Create an innovation culture in your organisation.

  • Learn where to focus improvement efforts for immediate results.


Our approach provides a useful way to spark rapid progress in the innovation practices, processes, attitudes, and environment in your organization.  They are fun, dynamic, and engaging learning experiences that will lead to immediate and significant improvements in your firm’s innovation results.




International evidence shows that driving an active culture of continual innovation is the critical key to achieving commercial and organisational success in today’s rapidly changing global economy.

Harnessing innovation to make markets; create brand value; communicate difference; and implement processes that efficiently deliver the company’s promise are essential to achieve commercial competitiveness and success.

Markstone assists clients to develop an Innovation Pathway Blueprint (IPB) that enables them to create and implement their own customised, effective innovation culture.

We apply international best practice with a program that can include:

  • Innovation Audit

  • Review of R&D expenditure and AusIndustry R&D Tax Incentive Grant eligibility

  • Implement innovation culture workshops and programs to enhance capacity to innovate and address areas of identified need and strength in the organisation

  • Utilise Design Thinking, ZING, de Bono and/or School of Thinking tools and techniques to facilitate enhanced creative thinking and innovation workshops

  • Develop an  R&D plan to speed up innovation and product/service development and allow for ongoing multiple experiments

  • Accessing R&D Funding via our funding partner

  • Create a Strategic Sales and Marketing plan, which includes pathways to ‘make markets’ and identify local sales and export opportunities.




ZING is a highly acclaimed, unique meeting tool available through Markstone that enables large groups of people to actively participate in rapid cycle innovation and thinking workshops on various issues. It is a powerful collaborative tool which allows participants to work together and record their contributions in their own words. ZING can capture as much thinking in two hours than can be achieved in six months normally.




Today boards and executive management teams need to respond quickly to changing markets, market opportunities and government legislation, as well as constant challenges to brand value.

To compete globally and nationally in the growing digital economy there is an increasing need to act swiftly, gain expert advice and ‘turbo charge’ thinking to identify innovation, options and opportunity for the organisation.


MMC is the only provider of ‘Rapid Storm’ innovation sessions in Australia.


Harnessing ZING meeting technologies we overcome significant drawbacks and limitations to traditional ‘brain storming’ methods and create a turbo charged environment where a client’s executive team can work with a team of expert mentors and achieve more targeted, relevant and game changing innovation outcomes in a two hour Rapid Storm session than is ordinarily achieved from six months of internal planning processes.


Rapid Storm is a highly effective method to assist executive teams that may require input from an objective external team to achieve a ‘triage’ solution to companies facing significant challenge though issue management or crisis management.






Business Strategy

We understand the business, government and economic environment in which our clients work and we work with them to develop innovative strategies to both resolve the complex challenges they face and define and pursue the corporate goals they seek to achieve.


Business Strategy (Expanded)

Truly effective business strategy delivers insights beyond the current and future business environment. It takes into account leadership and organisational considerations and maps out where the most compelling opportunities may lie. Implementable strategy defines the end goal and a realistic path to achieve it, and provides a framework for resource allocation.

Our consultants work to resolve the complex challenges clients face, often in highly regulated industry sectors, to develop business strategy that combines creative problem solving with analytical rigour and a deep understanding of competitive markets.

We are at our best when we engage with our clients in bold, innovative thinking that sheds light on their strategy challenges and illuminates the path forward.


Strategy and business planning

We help corporate, government and not-for-profit organisations to assess their current market position, identify what they want to achieve and decide how to make that a reality.

We combine economic theory and quantitative rigour with a deep understanding of the drivers that shape our clients’ businesses. We develop economic and financial models for clients that are realistic and also incorporate flexibility for changing strategic imperatives.

Nous works with clients to create rigorous and imaginative strategic and business plans and to facilitate highly participative planning processes. We also leverage our leadership and organisation design insights to ensure that the strategies developed are practical and implementable. Our aim is always to develop powerful strategic insights while ensuring the engagement of all stakeholders.

Facilitation of Planning Processes

Effective planning is participative and depends on involving people responsible for implementation. It also depends on an effective method to achieve a collective planning process. Traditional group ‘brainstorming’ does not work as the method stifles innovation and collaborative planning. Effective planning process often requires an objective facilitator to ensure planning is participative and maximises outcomes made in the time available. Our consultants are frequently requested to facilitate planning sessions by Boards, Committees, CEOs and stakeholder groups, particularly when the issues are at the interface between industry or public and private sectors.


Audits, Reviews and Feasibility Studies

It is frequently necessary to conduct an independent study of what is actually happening, or what is feasible, before committing an organisation to change processes. Audits and reviews help to analyse whether objectives are being met cost effectively, and can provide powerful pointers to the strategies needed for improvement. Classic feasibility studies analyse whether an idea or concept is worth pursuing and under what conditions. Straight forward reporting, objective analysis and practical recommendations are the hallmarks of effective studies. MMC is respected for its objectivity and incisiveness and has undertaken studies for groundbreaking change including regional digital economy strategies, microbusiness incubators. microbusiness portals and grade separation.


Mentoring in Leadership and Strategic Thinking

Many CEOs, Directors and new appointees to Executive Management positions find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings or addressing challenging issues. Faced with the need to innovate to survive they are often unclear as to who they can turn to for objective advice, or for advice on procedures or processes. MMC consultants and associates can provide a mentoring role on innovation and issue management, meeting regularly with individuals and contributing external analysis and guidance, and/or act as a sounding board for the making of decisions. Leadership and strategic thinking are often interrelated components of change, and MMC provides advice and training in both.


Specialist Services


MMC retains a number of expert consultants that offer senior executive level advice on specialist services area that can make a difference to an organisation. These include:

  • Digital Solutions

  • Process Improvement beyond Total Quality Management

  • ISO accreditation & Audit Services

  • Six Sigma


Project Origination


Markstone originates project opportunity in the Victorian market for select clients.


We have a proven ability to identify opportunity, originate and evolve unique projects and make markets for organisations seeking to showcase capability through disruptive innovation.

We develop strategy, communication and action plans for imaginative projects that capture government and stakeholder attention and rapidly create positive profile and commercial benefit for our clients.