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Local government


Councillors and CEOs in Local Government face major challenge as they strive to address the impact of population growth in Victoria’s metropolitan, interface, peri-urban and regional areas.

Many organisations need to work with councils, often to fix local problems and access federal and state funding - most don’t know how to talk to councils or fast track decision making.

Demands on councils has never been greater. A need to make decisions on difficult issues; be subject to constant media criticism; and the need to collaborate with ratepayers, business and community groups to articulate local vision, policy and budgets is a challenge met with limited resources.

Councilors and CEOs value the advice of a trusted and experienced source that understands local government, has worked with all 79 councils and has a history of achieving positive outcomes with federal and state government, and the business sector.

How we assist the local government sector:

Mayor Network

It’s not easy leading a team of Councillors with different views and interests and backgrounds. The Network is a unique service that provides peer support for mayors throughout their mayoral term.

Councillor support.

First time Councillors and mayors often find themselves unprepared for grueling life of local government and seek a trusted independent source to advise on personal support, mediation and mentoring.


Governance, Facilitation and Mentoring

Using 20 years' experience in the sector to provide Councillors and Council officers with an experienced, balanced, confidential and trusted source of support in difficult or challenging times. We have exclusive access to two unique, world class tools that give councilors strong control over governance, genuine inclusion in planning, and high-quality input from stakeholder consultation.


Secretariat and Advisory

Tapping years' of experience working at the highest level of Federal, State and Local decision-making and with a proven track record of delivering results, our team is experienced at assisting councils with proactive strategies to achieve outcomes from government.