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Companies that invest in innovation and undertake research and development of new products, processes and services may be eligible for a tax rebate/tax offset under the Australian Government AusIndustry R&D Tax Incentive program.

However many companies are unaware they are eligible to make a claim, or may not understand the process sufficiently to claim their full entitlement under the Act.


Grant Applications

We help companies understand eligible expenditure to optimise their claim.

We do this by

  • Reviewing company documentation supporting the R&D process

  • A granular review of company expenditure to identify items that can be claimed

  • Collating documentation for the tax agent to lodge the AusIndustry application.


Financing Option

In some instances we can arrange partial financing on the basis of an expected R&D rebate for suitably qualified AusIndustry R&D tax incentive claims and programs.





The Australian economy is undergoing significant structural change. This change is impacting on thousands of companies, many of which seek support for transition to new opportunity via access to government industry programs and grants.


Our consultants have considerable experience and expertise in this specialist field and a track record of success assisting clients to meet criteria and maximise chance of funding success.


Our consultants also understand that change and rationalisation of Federal funding programs for business, as well as change to eligibility criteria present challenges to company management. Many companies may not be aware of current eligibility or their entitlement – that’s where we can make a difference.





Markstone is a respected Melbourne based government relations and government lobbying firm.

We have a solid track record of success in government lobbying across a diverse range of industries and issues at a federal, state and territory level for commercial clients and not for profit clients.

We advise local and international firms and organisations on regulation, legislation, policy and commercial matters with Australian governments.

We develop government relations strategies that understand the increasing importance that government now attaches to innovation, job creation and value for money.


Markstone can help you:

  • Identify and map stakeholders and decision-makers

  • Understand government decision-making processes

  • Work with parliamentary committees and inquiries

  • Work with politicians and the bureaucracy

  • Build and effectively argue your case with government

  • Develop projects for the Unsolicited Bid framework



Markstone consultants offer extensive experience assisting organisations and consortiums to bid for and win major government contracts and franchise agreements.

We work closely with bid team leaders and consortium boards as strategists and advisors to:

  • interpret government policy and objectives to maximise bid competitiveness

  • assist with the development of compelling win themes

  • assist with competitive branding and alignment with win themes

  • Design and write impacting executive summary

  • Assist with bid presentations

  • Assist with government relations strategy and action plans








The Local Government sector is experiencing significant pressure to become more effective in the delivery of economic development programs. Major structural change to the economy (particularly the nature of work), is resulting in challenging grassroots community impacts that require greater need for council action.

We have worked with every council in Victoria and have extensive experience in the development of effective economic development strategies and programs. Through our recent work with developing digital economy strategies; and micro business and digital incubator programs we offer local government insights of cutting edge approaches that produce results.

Through collaboration on emerging rapid cycle business innovation methods with the London School of Economics, Stanford University and the University of Sydney, we are in a unique place to develop models and strategies that allow Local Government to utilise Economic Development funds to drive local business development.

We can undertake a full review of the effectiveness of the current Economic Development plan or undertake individual activities in our program. We would follow the methodology below

  • Review of existing Economic Development Strategy and action plans, including measurement of effectiveness in achieving Council goals

  • Develop a competitive strategy to build a local Digital Economy

  • Develop a competitive strategy to support home based business and contingent working

  • Create an ongoing Innovation Culture within the Economic Development portfolio

  • Project origination to gain government interest and investment





Victorian councils face a challenging future in meeting growing obligations under HACC. Our ageing community combined with the unique role of Victorian councils in funding up to 50% of the cost of HACC service provision is resulting in a rising and unsustainable cost burden to many municipalities.

Markstone has a thorough understanding of the challenge faced by Victorian local government, has a deep understanding of CALD and HACC services and their impact on council budgets, and is able to bring significant innovation to council practices that could reduce cost in council’s annual budget, while also creating positive local economic stimulus outcomes.

We combine our extensive understanding of Federal/State funding structures and local service practices and obligations with the potential of the digital economy to identify new pathways for service provision that can immediately reduce cost to councils.

Through implementation of our unique Rapid Storm innovation sessions and drawing on international best practice we can energise council HACC teams and provide insight on how to harness the digital economy and embed an innovation culture that keeps council on the front foot.

A Markstone approach to reimagining HACC within council may include:

  • Review HACC strategy and service models, including use of technology

  • Measure HACC strategy against effectiveness of achieving goals

  • Identify strategies and opportunity to build sustainability around HACC services

  • Create an ongoing Innovation Culture within the HACC portfolio





The Not-For-Profit (NFP) sector is undergoing significant structural reform, particularly as a result of sweeping funding reforms implemented by the Federal Government in 2014/15.

Every organisation in the NFP sector that relies on government funding now needs to review their strategic plan and operations to ensure their service offering is aligned with nee government funding requirements and can continue to be delivered to their clients.


A Markstone approach to reimagining the future for an NFP may include:

  • Review current financial strength of the organisation

  • Review board structure and skill sets

  • Review corporate governance

  • Run an innovation workshop using ZING and Rapid Storm to swiftly establish a current view of the organisation and better view of the organisation, including potential new alignments or alliances to achieve required resilience

  • Create a new strategic plan based on above work.