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AusIndustry R&D Incentive Program

Is your Australian business eligible for a rebate on R&D efforts?

The Australian Government wants to incentivise business to invest in creating new knowledge that will give them a competitive edge in national and international markets.
Every business in Australia is entitled to apply for a rebate on eligible expenditure on their R&D efforts. 75% of companies don’t apply because they do not know the program is available; don’t think they will be eligible; or don’t know how to prepare a submission.
Many business owners seek out Markstone expertise to prepare applications that achieve optimum eligible rebate under the AusIndustry R&D Incentive Program.
Contact us if you are not sure your business is eligible. 

Here’s just some of the businesses we assist:


  • micro breweries 

  • cosmetics 

  • bio tech

  • distillers        

  • soaps        

  • medical tech

  • water treatment        

  • dairy        

  • agritech

  • strawberries        

  • candles        

  • mushrooms

  • personnel mgt        

  • chocolate    

  • logistics

  • plastic products        

  • hair product    

  • building products

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